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Color Palettes

NOTE: This page is no longer being updated. You can now see all the color palettes here.
Color saturates our lives, whether or not we notice it as we go about our days.  I love to find the color in ordinary (and sometimes extraordinary) glimpses of the world around me.  I guess it’s my way of stopping to smell the roses.  Click on the title of each color palette for a more detailed description.
A delicate frost brings out the fall colors of these leaves
Stormy Sunset Palette
Hidden Flamingo Palette
Summer Fruit Palette
This sunny palette is full of warm greens and golds.
From rich dark brown, to creamy hazelnut, this coffee palette will wake you up!
This palette's greens and pinks offer a fresh new twist on pastels.
This canyon palette glows with warm yellow, orange and reds.