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The Ultimate Handmade Gift Guide for the Holiday Season

I’m a huge fan of handmade gifts. In this society where time is money and it’s too easy to click “buy now” and have something sent without ever touching it, handmade gifts are the language of love.

Handmade gift guide with handmade candles, towels, ornaments, and salt scrub.

I also love not stressing out during the holiday season. Which means getting an early start on projects. (My mother-in-law, who finishes her Christmas shopping in August would argue that it’s already too late.) I’m a born procrastinator, but this year I’m trying to stress less and enjoy the holidays more, which means getting organized now.

To that end, I’ve put together 40 of my favorite handmade gift ideas to share with you. (Spoiler alert to my immediate friends and family: don’t read this next part or you might not be surprised when you open your gift this year.)

I hope this gives you some ideas on how to take care of your gift list and get a head start on the holidays!

Ultimate Handmade Gift Guide

Nothing says you care like a handmade gift. Here's the ultimate list of my favorite handmade gift ideas for this holiday season.

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