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Moody Lilac Color Palette

This moody lilac color palette, full of dark purples and a deep green, is perfect for a dramatic room… or prom dress.

This week, my daughter is getting ready for prom. And by getting ready, I mean that prom is still weeks away, but there is much work to be done. Picking the dress, finding amazing shoes that she can still walk in, scheduling a mani-pedi, and countless other essential details.

When she found THE DRESS, she fell in love. It’s a lovely shimmery purple with iridescent blue shadows. It’s exactly everything she wanted, and she truly feels (and looks!) like a princess in it.

I was so inspired by her joy that I decided to design this week’s color palette with that elusive purply-blue feeling in mind.

Moody Lilac Color Palette

Moody lilac color palette with dark purples, gray-blues, and deep green.

I normally think of the color lilac as a light, slightly grayed out purple, but this color palette explores the darker side of the spectrum.

The colors may be dark, but the mood is joyful and full of life. The intensity of the blooms is grounded by the deep, solid green of the leaves, giving a balanced feel, like the calm of deep waters.

While things are anything but calm at our house, I hope this color palette gives you the sense of deep, grounded peace that it gives me. We could all use a little more of that right now!


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