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Modern Spring Palette and Thoughts on My Backyard Bird Family

This fresh and modern spring palette combines bright nature-inspired colors with soft pastels for a bold yet balanced feel.

The first thing I became aware of this morning when I woke up was the birds chirping outside. I don’t know what they were talking about, but they were quite enthusiastic about it.

At the risk of sounding cheesy, it reminded me to be grateful for the little things in life. Spring is in the air, literally. Between the birds and the pollen, it really feels like the air is heavy with new life.

Modern Spring Color Palette

So I decided to celebrate with a new color palette. Spring has all the best colors, I think, but I’m not sure these colors are traditionally spring colors. Either way, they look fresh and modern together and feel a bit like new birth.

Modern spring palette based on a bird, with dark navy and mustard, and light gray and pink.

This modern spring color palette could inspire a whole room or house, with its mix of bold and neutral. The intensity of the almost-black navy paired with deep mustard needs a little breathing space, and the light gray-green and pastel rosy pink give the darker colors room to shine.

Some Thoughts on “My” Birds

These same birds who blessed my morning are also the ones building nests in the corners of my pergola and pooping on my patio furniture. But at the moment, I don’t mind because they just sound so… happy. And who doesn’t want more of that sound in their life?

In a minute, I’ll have to wake up my teenagers, and let’s just say they’re not as happy to see me in the morning as I am to see them.

Do birds have teenagers? Do little chickies grow up to become sassy, opinionated adolescent birds? Or do they just fly away as soon as they are able, sparing both the parents and themselves the heart wrenching push-pull of adolescent family life?

I don’t know, but as I think about it, I realize I’d rather deal with the messy day-to-day stuff of raising teenagers, than have them flown from the nest already. I’ll take the good with the bad because the alternative is to have neither good nor bad, but simply an empty nest.

Back to the actual birds…

Even though they make a mess on my patio, I haven’t the heart to go out and clear out their nests because I know there are probably eggs or babies in them. Maybe once the chicks have all grown, I’ll clean up. But for now, I’ll just listen to the chirping and wonder what they’re talking about.

It sounds like gossip. Or maybe bossing over how to build that nest. Or maybe they’re singing to their little ones.

Either way, it’s a lovely sound to wake up to, even if I know I’ll be cleaning off the furniture again before using it. That’s OK, it’s a good excuse to spend more time outside in the fresh spring air. Maybe I’ll do that for a few minutes before waking up my own little chickies…


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