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Easy Crafty Paper Conversation Hearts

These easy paper conversation hearts are the perfect way to get crafty for Valentine’s Day!

February’s theme here on the blog is “Budget Friendly” so I’m hoping to inspire you to creativity, without spending too much money along the way.

First up: Paper Conversation Hearts!

This Valentines Day project is so fun, and you might already have most of the supplies on hand. Plus I’m including a free printable to keep it easy and quick! Easy Paper Conversation Hearts

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I heard a nasty rumor the other day. I hope it’s not true, but I have a bad feeling about this. I heard that the company that originally made conversation hearts for so many years is no longer producing them. How are we supposed to have Valentine’s Day without conversation hearts?

Sure they cost more to make than what they can sell for, and sure no one actually likes the taste of them, but what about sentimental value?!

In honor of the candy that makes a better messenger than snack, I’ve cooked up this easy craft so you can make your own conversation hearts.Printable template of hearts in different sizes

Easy Paper Conversation Hearts

For this craft, you’ll simply need:

  • Cardstock or Construction Paper in pastel colors like pink, yellow, green, white, orange, lavender
  • Scissors
  • My free heart shape printable, available for download below
  • A set of small typeface stamps (You could also freehand your messages with marker or colored pencil, but the stamps give them a more authentic look.)
  • Small red inkpad (not necessary if you’re using marker or pencil)

First, print your printable onto several sheets of pastel paper. (The reason I recommend cardstock is because it’s easier to get in 8.5×11″ size than construction paper. Plus it takes the ink from the stamps better than the rougher construction paper.)Free Heart Printable

Next cut out the large hearts. The smaller hearts on the page are just bonuses. The large hearts are sized correctly for the stamps that I linked to in the list above.

(You can use the smaller hearts for anything else you’d like, I just didn’t want to waste paper!)

Be sure you cut inside the black lines, so there are no lines left on your cut-out hearts.Paper conversation heart with "be true" stamped on it.

Then all you do is use the stamps and ink pad to stamp fun sayings onto the middle of each heart! In case you don’t have a box of actual conversation hearts handy, here’s a list of common messages:

  • Be Mine
  • So Cute
  • Sweet
  • Wink Wink
  • Puppy Love
  • Call Me
  • Be True
  • BFF
  • Smooch
  • U R Cute

Feel free to make up your own and get creative! You could get snarky or suggestive, but since I plan on using these for lunchbox notes for my kids, I went with traditional.

What to do with your Conversation Hearts

This craft is great for kids too. Depending on their age, you may need to help them with the scissors. And you might want to opt for markers or colored pencils instead of the stamps if you’re doing this with a large group, like a class or party, just to save money.

These little conversation starters make great decorations! You can string them on a garland, or use them as festive table scatter on a fun Valentine’s tablescape.Paper hearts surrounding letter stamps that say "so cute"

Don’t forget to grab your free printable below! I’d love to see how you use it. 

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Happy Valentines Day, and thanks for being part of The Palette Muse family!


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