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Cool as a Watermelon Palette

This watermelon palette brings all the coolest colors of summer together for a mouth watering take on citrus greens, aqua, and cerise.

Ok, I know the saying is “cool as a cucumber” but this watermelon looked so cool and refreshing, I decided we need a new saying: “cool as a watermelon.” I mean, cucumber is handy for all sorts of cool recipes, but is there anything more summery than chilled wedges of watermelon on the picnic table?

My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

We just returned from a family camping trip, where the highlight was drippy watermelon slices and seed-spitting contests. (The lowlight was a mosquito population that thought we looked as yummy as our watermelon.)

So it seemed fitting to celebrate the official beginning of summer with this cool watermelon palette that brings out the best of summer colors and ties them together for an energetic and fun combination.

Cool as a Watermelon Palette

Cool as a Watermelon Palette with aqua, greens, and dark pinkish red.

This would be a fun color palette for patio party decor, a DIY beach tote, or any other project that celebrates the fun and sun of summertime.

Summer is the Best

I know I’m probably in the minority here, but summer is my favorite season. Sure it’s hot, and everyone is always a little out of sorts because our schedule is all over the place. The kids are alternately bored and exhausted, depending on what’s happening any given day. And it’s nearly impossible to get any work done.

But maybe that’s the best part. It’s too hot to work outside, so let’s just go to the pool instead. It’s too hard to work inside because the kids are climbing the walls, so let’s have a picnic. It’s too hard to get anything productive done, so let’s just spend time together.

I know that someday I won’t remember all the projects I’ve completed, or how much I accomplished this summer, but hopefully I will remember some of the fun we had. Or at least the kids will remember how we slept in, played games, stayed in our PJ’s for whole days at a time, and constantly had to duck under wet bathing suits and towels hanging from the shower rod.

Summer is made for flushed cheeks, beach towels hanging on the fence, and drippy watermelon slices. I hope you enjoy these hot days and cool treats!


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