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10 Gorgeous Alternatives To Get The Look of Concrete Tile

Want the look of concrete tiles on your floor or backsplash without the installation and maintenance headaches? These porcelain and ceramic patterned tiles will give you the concrete tile alternatives you’re looking for, typically for a fraction of the cost!

Ah, the sweet sounds of tiles smashing and shattering in my bathroom. It’s music to my ears.

I always love Demo Day, but today is special because I’m not doing the hard work of demolition. Since we’re “weekend warriors” our larger DIY projects like this one generally take weeks to complete. But with friends coming in a couple of weeks to visit, we need all our bathrooms in working order.

So we decided to hire a contractor to makeover our master bathroom. I feel a little bit like I’m playing hooky, sitting at my computer listening to the guys break stuff. It’s glorious.

(Check out our ugly “before” pictures and the plans for the master bathroom, as well as get your free downloadable remodeling budget worksheet, if you’re planning your own remodeling project.)

So why am I sitting at my computer when all the fun stuff is happening just down the hall? Because I’ve been researching concrete tile for our backsplash and floor, and I’ve learned some things I want to share with you.

This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Collection of gorgeous concrete tile alternatives

Concrete Tile is Beautiful, but Maybe Not Practical For Me

I’m currently obsessed with patterned concrete tile, both for walls and floors. I love its natural, hand worked look, and the endless varieties of patterns, styles, and colors.

I recently did a fireplace makeover to make the surrounding tiles look like concrete tile, and I loved how it turned out. But when designing my bathroom, I knew I wanted the real thing.

Then I found out how expensive real handmade concrete tile is, and knew I had to make some adjustments. I also learned that concrete tile carries some risks and disadvantages that I didn’t want to deal with.

If you’re interested in the details, here’s a great article on the DIY Network about the Pros and Cons of concrete tile. They say it much better than I could!

How to Get the Look for Less

Fortunately, the alternatives to real concrete tile have become so popular and diverse that it was no problem to find a different option. And today I’m sharing my favorite concrete look tiles that I’ve found in my search for the perfect patterned tile for my bathroom remodel.

By the way, you might see this type of tile referred to as “cement” tiles as well. I use concrete because that’s how I think of them, but they’re both basically the same concept.

Tile Pricing Tip:

Keep in mind when you’re looking at pricing on tiles that they may be listed as “per square foot” or “per piece” or “per carton”. Obviously, this could make a huge difference in your overall price.

My Favorite Concrete Tile Alternatives

I hope you enjoy these selections, or they give you inspiration to go off and find your own options. (There are plenty to choose from out there!)

Check out #4 for my own personal favorite…

Gorgeous Concrete Tile Alternatives

Love the look of concrete tile, but not ready to commit to the price or installation hassles? Check out these beautiful and affordable options. Ceramic and porcelain wall and floor tile can give you the look for less, with even better durability and usability!


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