Fresh Pastel Palette

This palette's greens and pinks offer a fresh new twist on pastels.

Remember the pastels of the 80’s? Mint green, Miami Peach, and who could forget Dusty Rose? Believe me, I’ve tried. You may have noticed that in clothing, some of the 80’s styles are making a dubious comeback. I just saw stirrup pants the other day on a girl who was too young to know that… Read More »

When Engineering Meets Art in the Home, Part 1

Engineering Meets Art: What Perfect Feels Like #LennoxArtProject

I love a good art project! So when Lennox asked me to showcase their new “What Perfect Feels Like” campaign, I was intrigued. When I saw the art, I was hooked. (This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.) You know that there are parts of your home that just don’t get… Read More »

DIY Door Hanger: Hello Gorgeous!

DIY door hanger: Hello Gorgeous!

I love having visitors. To me, they’re like the rare handwritten letter in the middle of a mailbox full of bills and advertisements. Having a visitor at my door (not counting the ones trying to sell me something) is a refreshing break in a day that’s often filled with chores and sometimes even loneliness. And… Read More »

Why I Want My Children to Fail…Sometimes

Why I Want My Kids to Fail...Sometimes.

No one likes to fail. I would bet it ranks pretty high on the list of people’s worst fears in life. I know it’s one of mine. I hate to go out on that limb, try something new, and possibly not succeed at it. Which is why I have a hard time trying new things,… Read More »

Canyon Palette

This canyon palette glows with warm yellow, orange and reds.

OK, let’s be honest here. Sometimes I just make up these palettes because I like to look at pretty pictures. I mean, look at this canyon picture! It’s got every color on the spectrum of yellow, orange, and red, and even a little dark raisin-y purple to ground it. I’m not sure what you’d use… Read More »

My Favorite Dairy-Free Vanilla Ice Cream

My Favorite Dairy-Free Vanilla Ice Cream 2

Last weekend I was chatting with a friend who just bought an ice cream maker. When I mentioned I use mine all the time, she asked for some recipes and like the boring friend that I sometimes am, I replied, “I only have one recipe and I use it every time.” I get really serious about… Read More »

Quietude Bedroom Polyvore Set

Master Bath Finishes

Today’s post is sort of a mash-up between my usual color palettes and Polyvore creations. I’ve been working on my favorite part of a design project this week: picking finishes for the master bath and furniture pieces for the bedroom. There are many stages of an interior design project that are not so glamorous, but this is… Read More »

From a Box of Bills to a Craft Organizer

From a Box of Bills to a Craft Organizer

Who pays bills anymore? I know I don’t. Well, at least not the kind where you sit down at your desk, pull out all your bills and your checkbook, write a bunch of checks, and then inevitably give your tongue a paper cut licking envelopes and stamps. I pay all my bills online. I figure… Read More »

You Can Make a Difference with Give Her Life


I’m so honored and excited to welcome a special guest today, who is working on a worldwide problem that is near and dear to my own heart. When I was a child, we lived in China for a year. Even at the age of 9, I could see how differently girls and boys were treated… Read More »

How to Puppy-Proof your Home


I was planning on writing a craft post today, but we’ve had an unexpected house guest this week, and she’s thrown off all my plans. She has quite terrible manners, but is really sweet on the inside. She’s broken every rule of house guest etiquette, starting with chewing on my furniture, and escalating to peeing… Read More »