A Chair Reborn of Chalk Paint and a Drop Cloth

How to remake a chair with Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint, a drop cloth, and fabric paint.

What do a chair, a drop cloth, and chalk paint have in common? Nothing, until a DIY-er gets ahold of them! Often when I’m thrift shopping, I hear a little voice in my head, telling me to buy this or that fabulous mess and take it home for a little TLC. In this case, the… Read More »

Master Suite Makeover


Sometimes interior designing is glamorous and fun, and sometimes it can be filled with drudgery and indecision. Recently, I made the tough decision to close my design business so I can be more available to my kids, and instead focus on this blog since it allows me to be creative and get my hands dirty with… Read More »

The Easiest Way to Get the Vintage Industrial Look

The easiest way to get the industrial vintage style in your home.

Have you been as intrigued with Vintage Industrial style as I have lately? Bookshelves made of copper piping and live-edge wood. Dressers converted from old chippy lockers. Tables from aluminum pipes and reclaimed barnwood. It’s a DIY-er’s field day. What can I make with old broken down stuff? Anything I want! But then reality sets… Read More »

Soothing Nursery Palette

This soft palette uses greens, yellow, and gray - perfect for a nursery.

When my blogger friend Pamela, of Haartfelt.com, asked me to help her design a nursery palette for a series she’s writing on building self-esteem in children, I jumped at the idea. While my babies are almost as tall as I am now, I have several friends who are preparing to welcome new little ones into… Read More »

Make Your Own Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub


Do you know how easy it is to make your own sugar scrub? I didn’t! To me, summer means three things: sun, heat, and barefeet. All three of which result in dry skin, especially here in the Desert Southwest of New Mexico. Until recently I had been using a super-posh exfoliating scrub from Origins, which… Read More »

A Prettier Filing Cabinet


It’s the little things in life that add up to big things.  This is true for the happy moments, like a perfect cup of coffee on your porch, as well as the not-so-happy ones. Like when you encounter a small annoyance over and over again, which saps your energy and raises your blood pressure a… Read More »

Misty Beach Palette

This beachy palette is made up of muted blues, greens, and oranges. ThePaletteMuse.com

When I think of the beach, I tend to think of it as I knew it growing up in Texas. Once as year, when we could, my family would get together and visit the beach along the Gulf of Mexico right around July 4th. It was hot, muggy, and so sunny it would sear your eyeballs, not to… Read More »

Homemade Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream


Sure, this blog is usually about color, design, and DIY projects, but apparently a good portion of my life behind the scenes revolves around ice cream. So, you get to share in my obsession (because if I don’t write down these creations somewhere, I’ll never remember how to make them again)! The last time I… Read More »

Ode to Coffee Palette

From rich dark brown, to creamy hazelnut, this coffee palette will wake you up! ThePaletteMuse.com

How do I love thee, Coffee? Let me count the ways. I covet thy bracing strength, I crave thy comforting warmth, I thrive on thine aroma of hope and possibilities… My apologies to Mrs. Barrett Browning. I do so love a good cup of coffee, or three or four. I love it so much, I… Read More »

21 Clever Pantry Storage Solutions

Pantry Solutions and Organizing tips from thepalettemuse.com and Hometalk

Every year in May, as the school year winds down and summer approaches, I start planning my summer projects. I think to myself, “It’ll just be me and the kids, with all this free time. Now I can finally get some things done around the house.” I start making lists that look something like this:… Read More »