Lichen Palette

Lichen Palette

A few weeks ago, my family went camping near Durango, Colorado, one of my favorite places on earth. It’s a haven for fly fishers, campers, and all sorts of outdoorsy types. I’m not really any of those things, but my husband and kids are, so in the name of fresh air and family time we… Read More »

Diet: The Other “D” Word

Bagels are a Waste of Donut Shaped Space, and other diet-related thoughts from The Palette Muse

“Mom, are you going to go on a diet anytime soon?” Yesterday I was standing in the kitchen with my two daughters, making a snack, when my 7-year-old uttered these words. I immediately looked down at my thighs. Does she know something I don’t? Is she trying to break the news to me, not so… Read More »

Join the Party at Social Media Two-for-Tuesday


This week I’m so excited to be the featured blogger for the Social Media Two for Tuesday link up party, otherwise known as SoMe2! Social Media link ups are a great way to get to know other bloggers, and find some great people to follow. So come on and join us! Welcome to ~SoMe2~ #49!! We’re… Read More »

Linocut Block Printing Part 2

Linocut Block Printing Part 2

Hi, and welcome back to the second half of Linocut Block Printing! I hope you’ve had fun drawing and carving your block. Check out Part 1 if you need help with that part of the process. Today we pick up where we left off… Linocut Block Printing Part 2: Proofing & Printing This is the… Read More »

Trend Alert: Block Printing is Cool Again

Linocut Block Printing Part 1: Drawing & Carving

Do any of you fellow crafters out there remember linocut block printing from the 70’s? I wasn’t born yet when this art form was in its heyday (in fact my mother blames my arrival for the demise of her budding linocut career, along with all sorts of other time consuming creative endeavors), but I remember… Read More »

Turn Any Flat Surface into a Dry Erase Board

How to turn any flat surface into a dry erase board

Oops! Have you ever said something you wish you could take back? It happens to me regularly. You’d think I’d be used to it by now. Well, here I am again. I wrote this great post, but then the next day, realized it was wrong! My dry erase board doesn’t erase, if you leave the… Read More »

Stay Nine-and-a-Half Forever

Growing up is hard to do.

“I wish I could stay nine-and-a-half forever.” This was the reply from my daughter the other day when I remarked (yet again) on how tall she’s getting. My immediate thought was, ‘Nine-and-a-half? Slow down, you just turned nine!’ Then I realized she was right. Her ninth birthday was already six months ago. Where did half a… Read More »

Notre Dame Palette

Color palette based on mosaic dome in Notre Dame

My life doesn’t always allow me to travel as much as I’d like, so sometimes I live vicariously through other folks who are actually globe trotting. Or at least driving farther than their local elementary school. Fortunately, my parents just took a trip to France, so I’ve been devouring all their stories and photos. This… Read More »

Easy Earring Organizer

Earring Organizer from an Embroidery Hoop and Burlap

When I found two cool industrial looking metal embroidery hoops at my local thrift store the other day, I knew I could find a good use for them. (My husband thinks it’s funny that I buy things without the slightest idea of what to do with them. Silly man.) My oldest daughter recently got her… Read More »

“Summer in a Glass” Lemon Iced Green Tea

Perfect Iced Tea Recipe

It’s summer, it’s hot, and it’s swimsuit season. Groan. Here’s how my yearly diet cycle breaks down: January 1 – May 31. Think I should be doing something to get ready for swimsuit season. Do nothing. June 1 – September 30. Wish I had done something to get ready for swimsuit season. Try to play… Read More »