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How to Install Window Film to Upgrade Your View

If I had known how easy it is to add privacy film to a window, I would have done this project a long time ago!

My daughter has a great eye for design, and it shows in her space. We’ve updated her bedroom a few times as she’s grown and her tastes have changed, but one thing I could never fix was the dismal view out her window.

The window brings in a lot of light, especially in the first half of the day, so it’s nice to have, but she could never open her curtains without facing the side view of our aging camper and a scruffy wood pile. Not really what she had in mind for her light, bright, minimal style.

A view from a window showing part of a camper and a pile of fire wood.

I didn’t think there was much we could do until she found these reusable static window clings, probably on TikTok. I figured we’d order them and see if they worked. What’s the worst that can happen with about $20 invested?

The results blew me away! The clings were so easy to install and made such a difference in her room that I had to share them here. Read on to find out how to transform your windows.

How to Install Removable Window Film for Privacy

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How to Install Window Film for Privacy

The best thing about this window film project is it’s completely removable. There was no commitment, not even any adhesive! Here’s how it works.

First, measure your window. You’ll need to measure the length and width of the actual glass, not the frame. This will help you decide what size to order.

Here are the supplies you’ll need:

Once you’ve gathered your supplies, you’ll need to cut the film to those dimensions, plus an inch on each side, to allow for adjustments. The film is easy to cut with standard scissors, and you can mark on it with a pencil so you know where to cut.

Cutting window film to the size of the window.

Now comes the fun part! Use a spray bottle to spray water onto the window glass. It’s OK if some drips off.

Spraying window with water before applying window film.

Carefully peel the backing off the window film, like removing a sticker. If you have a long window, you might want to get a friend (or a daughter) to help you with this part.

Peeling backing from removable window film.

Try not to touch the film to anything, so you don’t get lint or dust on it.

Use your spray bottle to lightly spray water all along the side of the film that will touch the window (the side you pulled the backing off).

Then position the window film along the top edge of the glass. Try to get the film lined up as straight as possible before allowing it to cling to the rest of the window. If you miss (like I did a few times) you can easily peel the film off and start over.

Loosely press the film to the window using your hands or a towel. Then use a utility knife to cut off the excess edges of the film.

Finally, use a squeegee to press all the air bubbles from the middle of the film towards the outside edges so they can escape. You’ll be left with a perfectly smooth surface of the film.

Using a squeegee to press air bubbles out of removable window film.

Note: I got a window film application kit which included the spray bottle, a trim tool, and a small squeegee, but you don’t need the kit if you have a utility knife, spray bottle, and some kind of squeegee, like for shower doors or window cleaning.

Before and After Adding Window Privacy Film

Here’s a quick peek at the window halfway done. It gives a great comparison of the view before and after adding the privacy film.

A view from a window half covered with privacy film.

Here’s how the whole room looked after we installed the window film:

A light neutral girl's bedroom with privacy film on the window.

No more view of the camper and wood pile, but plenty of light coming in!

The view from a bedroom with privacy film on a window so nothing shows through.


Not only is the view of her window so much better, but at certain times of day the sun hits the pattern in the window clings and lights up rainbows on her wall. It’s like living inside a kaleidoscope!

A Kaleidoscope of colors reflected on the wall of a bedroom that has privacy film on the window.

Plus, if she ever changes her mind and wants to do something different with her window, she can simply peel off the film and be back where she started.

This project was so fun, easy, and affordable it’s got me thinking what other windows could I do. Maybe my front door side lights will be next. That’s the perfect place to add some privacy, while still letting the light stream in.

Need a little privacy and/or rainbow in your life? Give this a try!


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