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Winter Woodpile Palette

I woke up to a dusting of snow this morning. Well, actually I woke up to my daughter pulling on me, insisting I come see the snow, before it all melts.

There’s something so tranquil about fresh snow. It sort of cleans everything it falls on, and makes the ground, trees, and even fences feel new and magical.

Around here, it’s also bittersweet. It looks so pretty in the morning, and by lunch it’ll be gone. Like a sunset, the beauty is in the brevity. Blink and you’ll miss it.

So I thought I’d commemorate December’s first snowfall with this Winter Woodpile Palette.

Winter Woodpile Palette

Winter woodpile palette with warm browns and dark green.

There’s something very kinetic about a woodpile covered in a dusting of snow. All that wood, waiting to be burned for warmth, covered for the moment in cold.

I can almost hear the crackling of the fire, and the see the warm glow from the fireplace in our family room. Tonight will be the perfect crisp weather for building a fire, either indoors or outside in our fire pit.

Maybe I better pull a few pieces of wood off the woodpile so they can dry out by tonight!


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