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Warm Whites Palette

It snowed this weekend, and my family and I set out to go sledding in the mountains.  We had a great time, saw some beautiful white scenery, and almost got our car stuck on the side of the road. Through it all, I was reminded of how much I love the snow, but hate the cold.  So to warm me up, I decided to create a palette of warm snowy colors.  Thanks to my friend the polar bear here, I found some beautiful warm whites and neutrals.  (No, I did not take this picture on our sledding trip.  That would be a story for a whole ‘nother blog.  Photo credits run at the end of this post.)

The (Valspar) colors, from top to bottom, are:
Fresh Cotton
Betsy’s Linen
Ginger Sugar
Riverbed’s Edge

When the winter blues get you down, warm up with a little color!  I can’t believe we already have snow, and it’s not even winter yet.  It’s probably no accident that the bottom color of this palette looks a little like hot chocolate.  Stay warm, everyone!

Photo credit: Fotografik33 / / CC BY-NC-ND


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