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Timeless Spring Floral Palette

These muted terracotta shades are grounded with dusty green for a modern take on a spring floral palette.

I’m so ready for Spring, especially because this year the Spring colors are all about rusty modern boho shades rather than clear pastel pinks and greens.

(Nuthin’ wrong with a pretty pastel, but it’s fun to mix it up every once in a while, don’t you think?)

I love a good vintage find at the flea market and this color palette reminds me of some of my favorite dusty discoveries, with a fresh clean spin on the warm colors of the 70’s and 80’s.

Timeless Spring Floral Palette

Timeless Spring Floral Palette

It makes me think of terracotta pots, dusty pink accents, and the ever popular sage green. While it might be a bit much for a whole room color, any of these would make great accent or furniture colors.

The green adds a touch of coolness to the warm reddish tones, and balances everything nicely. And while I didn’t add cream as an actual color in the palette, I love the soft creamy color of the stucco background in the photo.

I think this muted color palette would make a fun departure for Easter decor. Why not try it this spring in your home?

You could try naturally dying Easter eggs and fill natural wicker baskets and terracotta pots with moss and your modern Easter eggs. Place them on a cream colored table cloth and you’ve got the whole look!

Or better yet, go for natural uncolored eggs in painted pots, so the usual color balance gets turned upside down.

Pardon me while I go rethink all my spring decor…


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