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Thrift Store Inspiration

I just couldn’t pass them up.  I was on my way into one of my favorite thrift stores, and these chairs were sitting on their front sidewalk, just begging for some attention.

That day I was trying to exert some self-control, so I walked away.  Well, I thought about them for days.  Yes, these are the things I think about, usually while packing lunches and digging for lost sweaters.  My happy place is not so much a place as it is a good challenging project.  I couldn’t forget about them, and so I went back and snatched them up before someone else recognized their inner beauty.  Imagine my surprise when they were still there, in spite of their obvious allure.

Then came the hunt for just the right fabric.  It had to be something interesting, different, and most of all, cheap.  I finally found a fun chinoiserie indoor/outdoor fabric in aqua and cream, which inspired the Chinese red for the frames.

In enlisted my friend Jana to help me re-upholster the fabric parts, since that can sometimes be a two-person job, and everything is more fun with a friend anyway.  We had a great time ripping everything apart and putting it back together again, and even had no leftover parts when we were done!  We re-used the frames, the wood seat bases, and even the foam inside, which was in great shape, despite its probably 40 years of life.  That ugly vinyl had some redeeming quality after all.

Here’s a few hints from my experience.
1.  Take notes and pictures along the way so you can remember how everything fits back together.

2.  Use Rust-Oleum.  It really is the best, and their trigger is much easier to use than traditional sprays.

3.  Have a friend over, if not for help, then for moral support.

4.  Enjoy your accomplishment.  Or sell it on Craigslist, which is probably what I will do since I really can’t justify MORE furniture in my house.  Anyone want to make me an offer?

Daryl Lee

Friday 26th of October 2012

It must be nice to have eyes to see what might be, instead of what just is. You go, girl!


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