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Terracotta Warriors Palette

Terracotta warriors palette with neutral green, tan, and brown

These are the Terracotta Warriors in Xian, China.  I visited the sight when I was 9 years old, and even at that age, I was amazed by the huge scale of the site, and the detail that went into creating each soldier.  They are all different, and they seem to go on for miles and miles.  Apparently, they were originally painted in bright colors, but most of the paint is gone, and just the terracotta remains.  I imagine they were beautiful then, but the patina of age has made them even more amazing.  In life, as in art, it’s easy to look at something and just see one color but in reality every object is made up of a whole range of colors.  The hard part for this project was to pick just four colors, so I stuck with a few that I thought you might be able to actually use in decorating a room.

From top to bottom, they are:
Valspar Pebble Creek
Valspar Limescent
Valspar Fresh Bread
Valspar Sienna Red

I hope today that your future is inspired by the past!


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