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Spring Bloom Palette

So I realize I might be jumping the gun a little bit with this Spring Bloom Palette, but I just couldn’t resist. My theme on the blog this month is “Spring Refresh” and when I saw this picture, it seemed to fit perfectly.

Delicate cherry blossoms make a spring palette of pinks and gray.

I’ve also realized that I really like cherry blossoms, because as I was going through my archives, I found two other similar palettes. Oh well, you can’t have too much of a good thing, especially if it’s color!

It doesn’t feel much like spring yet, but this is the time of year that I start longing for warmer weather, more sunlight, and greener trees. Oh, and summer vacation.

As my kids get older, I’ve started trying really hard to slow down time in my mind, but it’s still tempting to wish away those last few miserable cold weeks of winter.

Perhaps the kids could just push pause on their growth spurts for a few weeks, so I could have the best of both worlds.

Change is Good. Right?

While the changing of the seasons is a beautiful thing this time of year (and in the fall!) it reminds me of the ever constant changing of the seasons in life.

In seasons of cold and dark, that’s a good and welcome thing, but when life is already bright and cheerful I always wish things could stay the same as long as possible. But we don’t get the choice, do we?

In the end, I trust that The One who causes the blooms to grow on the trees just at the time when I think I can’t take any more winter is the same one who also makes the leaves to fall when their time has come as well. That each season has a purpose of its own, and that change is actually good. That the same laws of nature that bring the snow, use that snow to water the ground as the trees prepare their blossoms and fruit.

So who am I to complain about the cold when spring is clearly on the way, even if it’s snowing at the moment?


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