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Paris Palette

I am so proud to announce that, thanks to my technologically savvy and artistically gifted friend Sarah, I can now start bringing you custom color palettes!  This is one of the main reasons I originally started this blog, and now, almost a year later, it’s finally happening.

Paris Palette with bright colors

Today’s palette, inspired by my parents’ recent trip to Paris, is a colorful one.  I personally prefer Valspar paints for my own projects, so all the colors in this palette are Valspar.  From top to bottom, they are:

Pantone Nectarine
La Fonda Fireberry
Black Raisin

When picking colors to paint a room, I encourage clients to choose a piece of inspiration.  This could be a picture, a fun pillow, or any object that they love.  Then we work together to pull out the colors from that piece to use on the walls, foundation pieces, and (most fun of all) accessories.

If you would like help picking colors for your next project, or if this palette inspired you, I’d love to hear from you!


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