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Frosty Berry Palette

This frosty berry palette makes winter colorful again, with its tangy raspberry and wine hues, balanced by warmer browns and lavenders.

When I look around at the landscape in the winter time, it feels a little colorless to me. So I decided to liven things up with a bright color palette that defies the cold whites, grays, and blues of the season.

Purple and lavender color palette based on a photo of raspberries covered in frost

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Purple is not a color I usually gravitate towards, but this palette is helping me see new possibilities in the purple corner of the color wheel. The deep berry color keeps the lavenders from feeling stuffy, and the dark brown grounds the whole collection.

Plus it feels bright and fresh in the middle of a season that can feel a little cold.

How to Use a Frosty Berry Palette in the Winter

This would make a great alternative palette for Christmas decorations. If you’re hosting a holiday event, but you want a little different color scheme than the usual red and green, or blue and white, try this. The bright berry color is balanced by the lavender and warm neutral browns.

It’s fun and festive, without being overpoweringly, well, purple.

This would also make a great after-Christmas palette for when you take down the decor, but now your house looks a little blah without all the twinkle lights on the tree. Try adding a few pops of berry, wine, and lavender to brighten things up.

A Color Pick-Me-Up

I don’t know about you, but I could really use a little color in my life right now. With kids in the middle of finals, the wind howling outside, and an ill-timed diet that leaves me sugar-free in midst of cookie-baking-season, I’m feeling a little less than warm and cozy.

Time to bust out some music, crank up the heat, and maybe pour a glass of wine. I just bought myself a copy of Ode to Color, so I’m going to go snuggle under a blanket and take in some eye candy.

I hope your holiday season is filled with color and joy. If you know any good sugar-free cookie recipes, send them my way!


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