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How to Improve Air Quality in your Airbnb Property or Home

Inside: A super easy way to improve air quality in your home or vacation rental property and give yourself and your guests clean air and peace of mind.

There’s never been a better time to take care of your air. Whether you’re an Airbnb host cleaning between frequent guests, or just want the cleanest environment for your own family at home, this is one aspect of your cleaning routine that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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Getting a Truly Clean Home

Setting up an Airbnb home to run smoothly, feel comfortable to guests, and clean easily is no small feat. When we got ours up and running, we learned a lot about how to clean a vacation rental property efficiently.

The nice thing is I was able to apply most of those concepts to my own home too, and now my cleaning routine runs a lot smoother at home as well.

One thing that I never gave much thought to before 2020 was how to clean the air. Now healthy air quality has become a priority for my family, and it’s something I’ll be thinking about the next time I book a vacation rental.

Thankfully, EnviroKlenz has the answer for home air quality improvement.

Improve Air Quality, give your guests and family the best

Meet EnviroKlenz Air System Plus

I’m not a fan of scents, especially the artificial type, so when I received my new EnviroKlenz Air System Plus, I was delighted to see printed right on top of the box “Clean has no odor.”

We are definitely speaking the same language.

The EnviroKlenz system uses a three-stage filtration process to capture and neutralize 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, and 99.97% of VOCs in the air. (VOCs are the airborne compounds that make paint smell, as well as a lot of other chemicals.)

Using the filters and UV lights, EnviroKlenz can clean the air without adding any chemicals, deodorants, or additional smells. This little compact unit will treat spaces up to 1,000 square feet, all while you’re busy doing something else.

The set-up is super easy, just slide in the two filters and click the UV bulbs in place and you’re ready to go. The blower has 4 speeds, with the quietest whisper on the lowest setting. Even the highest setting stays quiet while moving an impressive amount of air.

Installing the EnviroKlenz filters to improve air quality

Plus, it has wheels, to make it easy to move around the house as needed. (Is it just me or is everything cooler when you put it on wheels?)

How to Use your Air Purifier:

In your Airbnb Property

If you’re a vacation rental owner, you know your guests’ highest priority is the cleanliness of your home. You’ve already put a lot of thought and effort into your house cleaning process between guests. And when you leave the EnviroKlenz system running in the home, they’ll know they’re getting a clean that goes down to the microscopic level.

Plus, if you need to amp up the cleaning in between guests, you can run the system on the highest setting while cleaning the home to get rid of any odors the previous guests may have left behind.

compact air purifying system from EnviroKlenz

EnviroKlenz can even provide you with brochures explaining the air purifying qualities of the system that you can share with your guests in their welcome folder, which will give them an extra level of confidence in your commitment to a clean home, complete with clean air.

Improve Air Quality at Home

At our house, this little guy hangs out in a corner of our living room near the front door and runs continuously. That way I know that whoever (or whatever) comes through the house, I don’t have to worry about airborne germs around my family.

The EnviroKlenz air purifier sits in a corner cleaning your air without having to think about it.

Plus it helps with the usual, shall we say, scents that our family of four plus a dog create throughout the day. I no longer worry about pet dander, dust, or any other microorganisms that may have hitched a ride into the house on my dog or kids when they’ve been digging in the backyard.

Basically, I plugged the system in, turned it on, and forgot all about it. I need more things in my life that clean my house while I forget about them.

Special Cleaning Situations

When I was staining the cabinets in my daughters’ bathroom makeover, I really could have used this system. At the time, I didn’t know about EnviroKlenz yet, but I knew I needed something to cut down on the odor from the stain. I opened all the windows and ran the bathroom fan for ventilation, but it still took days to get rid of the smell.

Next time I do a project that gives off VOCs, like painting, staining, or gluing, I’ll simply roll my air purifier into the room I’m working on and let it completely clean the air in a matter of hours instead of days.

More Information & Cleaning Inspiration

If you’re thinking of how to improve air quality in your vacation rental property or home, this is a great solution. For more info on the EnviroKlenz Air System Plus, as well as their other innovative products, check out the EnviroKlenz website.

For more cleaning tips and vacation rental hosting tips, check out my Airbnb Series:

In the meantime, I’m wishing you, your family, and your guests good clean health!

How to easily improve air quality of your home or vacation rental property.

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Friday 22nd of March 2024

Love the actionable tips provided. From cleaning routines to air purifiers, there's something for every homeowner to try.


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