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Craft Storage Saves our Bathroom!

Find out how a simple piece of repurposed craft storage saves our bathroom from headband chaos. My favorite organizing hack!

Craft Organizer holds headbands

My daughters have adorable headbands.  Like 50 of them.  The headbands make great (and easy) accessories when getting ready for school, but as soon as the girls get home, the headbands magically fly off their heads and land all over our house.  Usually they’re strewn about countertops, dresser tops, and coffee tables.  Along with shoes, these are the items most likely to result in a cranky mom.

Headbands overflowing bathroom drawer

When they “clean” them up, they all go in a drawer in the bathroom, where they spend a few days trying to climb out and liberate themselves from confinement.  Either that or they’re multiplying in there like little colorful bunnies, which would explain how we got so many.

Piles of pink and purple headbands in a drawer

Finally, I decided to find a better way.  I came up with a solution that allows them to be seen and not stepped on, enjoyed by kids and mom alike.  They’ve become part of the decor of the girls bathroom, and now add to the fun, rather than the mess.

Wall Mount Embellishment Holder in box

I found a small craft storage unit at our local Tuesday Morning store.  It’s the kind with a rack that holds little jars for storing scrapbooking embellishments.  I tossed the jars.  (Actually I’m sure they’ll come in handy for some future project, so I stored them in my office.)

I put the storage unit together and mounted it on the wall in the bathroom, low enough that both girls can reach.  Then I cleaned out the drawer where they keep their hair accessories and loaded all the headbands on the rack.  Voila!  Instant storage, organization, and a little pop of color.

Craft organizer installed on bathroom wall, holding headbands

Check back next week for the project I’m working on for their hairclips

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