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$100 Room Challenge Bathroom Reveal

I can’t believe it’s already been a month since we started this challenge! One month and $100 sure goes fast when you’re remodeling a bathroom! Although I didn’t get all the projects checked off my unrealistic optimistic list, I feel great about how much this room has changed in the last few weeks.

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Before we delve into the reveal, I just want to say a big Thank You to Erin of Lemons, Lavender, and Laundry for organizing this challenge and for inviting me. It’s been so fun participating, and I’m already thinking of what my next room will be…

But for now, let’s deal with one thing at a time. This bathroom was the epitome of “builder beige” when we moved in. It was stuck somewhere in the late seventies/early eighties and desperately needed a makeover. I had assumed it would be one of the last rooms we’d deal with, since bathroom remodels are expensive and this is just our guest bath. (Our master bath is even worse, but that’s a story for another day.) But when I realized I could make some real changes with $100, I decided to get down to business and make this a guest bath that I won’t have to apologize for every time I point someone down the hall.

Here’s a reminder of where we started:

And here’s where we ended up:

This is what my to-do list looked like:

  • Paint walls white – Done, for $35. I used Summer Gray by Valspar in a satin finish.
  • Paint cabinets navy blue – Done, for about $6. I used DecoArt’s Satin Enamels, my new favorite furniture paint, in Dark Denim. I had a Hobby Lobby coupon that I was able to use on the paint, which usually costs around $9 for a jar. It only took about half the jar for these cabinets.
  • Update countertops with concrete – Done, for free! I used Henry feather finish, which I had left over from a floor patching project in another room. You can read how I did it in last week’s post.
  • New faucet – Done, for $44. I found this faucet at Lowe’s and was thrilled with the price!
  • Curtains to hide shower – Done, for $20. I found these lovely white 96″ curtains at Tuesday Morning and they are perfect for hiding the yellow cultured marble without taking over the room visually.
  • Add decor and accessories – Done, for free, by raiding the rest of my house for unused decor. I’m always surprised that old pieces can look new again when you put them in a new room!
  • Frame mirror – Sadly, as you can see if you add up the “Done” amounts, I ran out of money before getting to this part. But it’s coming! I’ll update you in a later post about that project.
  • Come up with a cool way to cover/hide the medicine cabinet – This one is still waiting too, mostly because I ran out of time to solve this little conundrum. Any ideas?
  • Optional: New light over sink, and new hardware on cabinets. These definitely didn’t get done, thanks to the budget, but I expected that from the beginning and I plan to do them soon, once I have a little extra spending cash.

Bathroom Makeover Resources

DecoArt Satin Enamel paint in “Dark Denim”

Henry Feather Finish Concrete

Sink Faucet (similar to the one I used)

Curtains (96″ if you want floor to ceiling)

Shower Curtain Rod

Towel Hooks and Hanging Shelf (similar to the ones I used)

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