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The Right Rug, or Decorating 101

I’m not known for doing things in the correct order.  If there’s something to be done, and a right way to do it, you can be sure that I will find the wrong way to do it first.  Decorating is no exception, even though I get paid to tell people the “right” way to do home decorating.  (Just a clarification: I don’t tell them the right style to pick, just the right process for getting what they want.)

In this case, I knew the right process and just chose not to follow it.  Rule number one in decorating a room is: “Pick the hardest-to-find piece first and decorate the room around it.”  In most cases this means the rug.  If you’ve ever shopped for the perfect rug, you know this to be true! 

We recently re-tiled most of the main area of our house (see “After”), and much to my husband’s dismay, immediately started shopping for area rugs.  Unfortunately, the living room was already mostly decorated, and I was pretty sure I couldn’t get away with completely redecorating the room right after investing so much time and money in the floors.  So, instead of picking the rug first, I ended up picking it exactly last.  A few weeks later, six different rugs bought and returned, and five different moves of the piano, I finally found the perfect rug.  Finally the room is at peace and complete! 

So, if you are redecorating a room, and think you might need a rug, do as I say and not as I do.  Pick your rug first, and then work from its colors, pattern, and theme.  Otherwise, be ready to buy and return the first few attempts.  And whatever you do, don’t order rugs online, unless you factor in the cost of return shipping and restocking fees!


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