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Juice and Crackers

My 5-year-old sat in church with us on Sunday.  After the service, she wanted to know why we didn’t let her take some juice and crackers when they were passed around. Juice and crackers, or communion explained by a 5 year old.

Wondering how I could have lived my whole life believing in Jesus, going to church, taking communion, and still not knowing how to explain it to a 5-year-old, I sighed and jumped in. I’m not sure how accurate I was, but I explained the basics of communion to her, ending with “People who want to follow Jesus eat the juice and crackers.  Do you want to follow Jesus?”

She answered without hesitation, “Mommy, I want to follow you AND Jesus…

. . .And go to heaven.

. . .And have juice and crackers.”

I was a bit troubled by the fixation on the juice and crackers, but as I look back on it, I think she may have gotten it right. Theologians have spent ages interpreting the truths of the Bible, but it’s all very simple through the eyes of a child:

Love Jesus, obey your parents, go to heaven, and in the meantime, enjoy juice and crackers with your friends.

Pass the juice and crackers, please.


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