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Fun Mother’s Day Gift Guide to Make Her Smile

This Fun Mother’s Day Gift Guide is full of unique and pretty handmade goodies, with a dash of irreverence and snarky humor. Each is hand picked by an actual mom (me) and guaranteed to make her smile.

I love all things handmade, especially for Mother’s Day. But that doesn’t mean you always have to be the one to make the handmade thing. That’s why I love Etsy.

This year I curated my favorite gift ideas for mom (well, really for me), so you can skip the hours of scrolling and find just the perfect gift. (I’m lookin’ at you, kids!) And you’ll know that you’re supporting a maker, artist, crafter, or creative in the process!

Shop confidently, knowing that you’ll find the perfect gift for mom, and once again, you’ll be her favorite.

Fun Mother's Day Gift Guide, guaranteed to make her smile

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Mother's Day Gifts to Make Her Smile

Ready to graduate your Mother's Day gifts from macaroni necklaces and framed handprints? I promise Mom will love these ideas just as much!

A Word to Moms, about Momming, from This Mom

“Do small things with great love.”

Mother Teresa

This quote feels like the job description of motherhood. I know Mother Teresa was talking about ministry and a life of serving the greater good of her community and the world, but to me those ideals seem like high and lofty aspirations compared to the daily mundane of life as a mom.

But when I dug a little deeper into this quote, I found that the beginning of it is “Not all of us can do great things” followed by “Do small things with great love.”

Even better.

As a mom, I sometimes struggle, thinking the world is passing me by outside the windows of my home. The home that takes lots of sweeping, laundry, and cooking to keep running. The home full of people who require attention almost every moment, and leave little time left for my own pursuits. The home that I love and cherish, but sometimes wish I could escape for a few days, to go out and do something “important.”

As a work-from-home mom, I definitely have the best of both worlds. But if you’ve worked from home recently (hello pandemic!) you know that the best of both worlds can often turn into the worst.

But I wouldn’t have it any other way. And browsing through all these fun gift ideas has once again reminded me that the world needs moms. And even though we don’t always feel it, our families appreciate us.

So here’s to the one day a year that we get to put our feet up, relax, and be waited on hand and foot like we deserve.

Oh wait, that’s someone else’s day.

Here’s to the day we put in extra work to host family, celebrate our own moms and mothers-in-law, and clean up the kitchen after our kids have so thoughtfully and enthusiastically cooked us breakfast in bed.

(Ironically, in just the space of writing these few words, I’ve had to stop to get someone Tylenol, fix someone else’s pants, and help with a third someone’s math homework. Livin’ the dream, people.)

Happy Mother’s Day, my friends. May small things and great love be yours in abundance. And may someone else figure out how to get syrup out of the bedspread.


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