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How to Clean Between the Glass Door of your Maytag Oven

Does your oven have spills inside the front door, between the glass? It seems like there’s no way to get in there to clean it, but I found a way!

Today might not be one of my most artistic and creative posts, but since I’m getting my house ready to sell, you guys will have to bear with me as I drag you through some home maintenance with me.

The good news is if you have a Maytag oven (or similar glass front oven) you can benefit from my messes.

How to clean between the glass of your Maytag oven

Disclaimer: Since posting this hack, I’ve had a few people chastise me in the comments section for doing it wrong. I NEVER want to lead you guys astray, and just because it worked for me may not mean it will work for everyone.

So read on, and if you try this at home, just be sure not to force anything. And for a little chuckle at my expense, as well as some good advice, read the comments for what other people (probably smarter than me) think. Finally, just remember… glass is breakable.

Cleaning Inside your Maytag Oven Door

Some time in the past (I’m ashamed to say how long, so let’s pretend it was last week), something I was cooking on the stove boiled over and spilled, not just down the front of my oven door, but actually inside the vents and between the glass. No amount of that oven cleaning itself was going to get that mess out.

Plus, when the sun streamed through the kitchen during the day, it highlighted all the dust that had also accumulated (last week) inside the glass. Something had to be done before showing off my almost spotless kitchen to prospective buyers.

But when I searched online, I couldn’t find any tutorials that talked about how to take apart my particular type of oven, nor was there anything in the Maytag manual. (Maybe they don’t want you doing this yourself, but that never stopped me before.)

So I figured it out myself, and it was so surprisingly easy I had to share it with you.

(Forgive me for not having any “before” pictures and believe me when I say it was bad. I was just on such a tear to get that thing pulled apart that I only started taking pictures once I realized that I should preserve the process for posterity.)

Removing the Glass Door:

Apparently some oven doors come in two parts. This one is actually all one part (more or less), with a large sheet of glass on the front that’s held on by a ledge running along the bottom, and the frame of the door on top.  

When I started unscrewing screws, I got several removed before I realized I didn’t need most of them. So I put them all back in and got on with the actual productive part. Here it is in three easy steps.

1. Open the oven door slightly, to the point where it naturally rests open a few inches. Remove the three screws from the top of the door and set them aside.

Accessing the top screws on the oven door.

2. Slightly lift the top frame section of the door. It won’t come off, but it will rock up a little bit, just enough so it’s not holding the glass from the top.

Lift up gently on the top of the oven door frame until it clears the edge of the glass.

(At this point I felt like I was doing it wrong and was about to break something, so I went back to unscrewing things which didn’t help at all. In the end I realized the top only needed to rock back about a quarter of an inch to clear the glass and allow it to swing out.)

The front panel of glass on the oven door leans out and lifts out of the frame.

3. Gently grasp the glass on each side and pull up from the bottom ledge. The glass may be difficult to remove because it has a few little adhesive pads along the sides. Just work it gently out and set it aside on a blanket or the carpet.

Cleaning Glass front of oven

Whew! That wasn’t so bad. Now all you have to do is take a little glass cleaner to the inside of the glass. (I used Spic and Span first to degrease, then finished with glass cleaner to clear off all the streaks.)

Dusty Inside of maytag oven door

Then do the front of the door that’s still attached to the oven. I also dusted all around the inside of the door. There was a lot of gunk built up in the springs and along the bottom ledge, but that came right off with a paper towel and some Spic and Span.

Exposed Screws on the bottom of the Maytag oven door.

While you’re cleaning the door, make sure you watch out for exposed screws. Those suckers are sharp!

Cleaning Supplies in front of a disassembled oven door.

The dust and grime is gone, thanks to several paper towels, a tooth brush, and a chopstick for those hard-to-reach spots.

Replacing the Glass Door:

  1. Once you’ve cleaned both the inside of the door, and the inside of the glass front, you can gently set the glass back in the bottom ledge, center it, and lay it flat against the door.
  2. Lift up the top edge of the door again, tilt the glass in, and let the top clamp down over the glass.
  3. Replace the three screws and screw them in nice and tight, and you’re done!
Cleaned up front of a Maytag oven.

Suddenly your trashy looking oven is all clean and sparkly again, ready to wow your prospective home buyers, or at least your guests. At this point, it’s probably a good idea to run a self-cleaning cycle, so it’s truly clean inside and out.

Now that the kitchen’s ready to go, next week we’re moving on to baseboards! I know you’re hooked now, so plan on coming back for that riveting tutorial…

Richard Winschel

Monday 6th of February 2023

Thank you very much. This worked well for me, but when I started the self-clean cycle, there was a lot of clicking, then the cycle shut itself off. Now the door is locked shut and I can't open it, I've tried cancelling. I've tried turning the oven on and off. The lock is stuck engaged. Any ideas?

Mary Ann Joyce

Wednesday 25th of January 2023

I was so happy to find this tutorial. After having my Maytag for 15 years I thought it was about time to clean the oven. (Please no judgement) I got the inside almost clean as new and did a good job on the glass inside the door. But there was so much gunk left between the glass panes the oven still looked dirty. Even with all the YouTube tutorials I could not remove the door. Then I came upon this tutorial. My oven door glass looks as good as the day I bought the oven. I had to gently pry off the front glass a little at a time but it finally popped off without breaking. I was not aware that there was another pane inside of that to be cleaned. That pane came off very easily by removing the two brackets (3 screws each). Everything went back together in a heartbeat. Thank you!


Friday 4th of November 2022

I have tried your same method several times, ending in frustration each time. I even tried cleaning cloth on a hanger reaching up through the holes in the bottom of the door, I got some of that mess but not all of it. I do have to say I agree with the bottom three screws method. I just did it now, it took me about half an hour by the time I cleaned everything and scraped out the gunk from the bottom bracket. It really was quite simple that way. Thank you for encouraging us to read comments, it helps to look at a problem from all sides.


Tuesday 8th of November 2022

I'm glad you got it worked out, and thank you for sharing your story!

Liza Zawadzka

Friday 3rd of December 2021

Woah. I'm embarrassed to say that I didn't know you could do this. Just went at my 17 year old Maytag gas stove, and OMG it looks brand new. This is amazing. Thank you soooo much!


Monday 6th of December 2021

I'm so glad! I didn't know either until I got completely fed up and gave it a try!


Saturday 11th of September 2021

For whatever reason, I decided to get motivated to clean my oven door tonight - 9/11/2021. Anniversaries of loss are hard, and so doing something that is SO mundane and normal seemed to soothe my soul a bit.

I first read Meredith's instructions here three or four years ago, which was the first time it occurred to me that it could be done. My oven is 20 years old, and this is probably the first time I have tried to do anything other than the very ineffective self-clean setting. Okay, I have a Whirlpool wall oven Model gbs307pdt3, so I went to youtube first and watched the relevant videos. They were very helpful to take off the door, or very helpful to clean the glass on the inside (but there were three layers of glass in my oven door and they didn't match the oven setup), and then I couldn't get one of the glass layers to go back right. I knew it was wrong, but I had to have my hubby come help me solve the puzzle. It turns out that there were hidden corners where the second layer of glass is held under the top, and then a retainer on the bottom that holds that layer in. Then moving towards the door side of the oven, there is another layer that goes under a holder on the top and a retainer on the bottom. It was the hidden corners that I couldn't find - and I knew the glass wouldn't have those kinds of angles. Anyway, success - and i hope that helps anyone with an old whirlpool.


Monday 13th of September 2021

Jenny, you did it! I'm so proud! Thanks for sharing your experience in case someone else with a whirlpool is reading. And you make a good point about mundane tasks. Sometimes they are good for the soul. Or at least for your kitchen.


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