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Custom Wall Art with Finger Plates


This was such a cool project, I just had to share.  A client recently asked for help in displaying her collection of fingertip plates that she’d inherited from her grandmother.  She had about 65 of them, many valuable, all interesting.  Here’s how we did it.

1. Fashioned plate hangers custom made for each plate out of 22 gauge wire.  Basically, cut two pieces of wire a little bigger than the diameter of the plate,  hooked the ends around the front of the plate, and looped one wire under the other wire on the back, pulling the middle up to make a loop for hanging on a nail.  This was by far the most time consuming part of the project.

2. Laid out the plates on a piece of butcher paper a million different ways until we found the right design.  This came in a close second in terms of time consuming.

3. Marked on the butcher paper where each plate was and where the hook on the back was.  Then numbered the plates and each corresponding circle.

  4. Taped the paper to the wall, nailed through each marked nail hole.

5. Pulled paper off the wall, leaving the nails in the wall.  Set the paper aside and looked at it as a number guide for where to hang each plate.

6. Secured each plate with hanging putty to make sure they weren’t going anywhere!


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