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How to Install a Trash Pull Out Under Your Sink

If I had known how easy it is to install a trash pull out under my kitchen sink, I would have done it a lot earlier! The key is correctly measuring the cabinet space in order to get the right product.

Find out how I transformed my under-sink organization with basic tools in less time than it takes to take out the trash.

Easiest Upgrade Ever - How to install a trash pull out under a sink.

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I love my new kitchen! Here’s a quick pic again if you missed any of my series on remodeling our kitchen.

Modern kitchen with beige cabinets, white countertop, and white tile backsplash.

When I was designing this kitchen, I decided to keep the trash under the sink where it’s always lived. I intended to use a rev-a-shelf pullout system, but it turns out they’re pricey and didn’t fit once I accounted for the space that my plumbing took up under the sink.

So I decided to wait. I knew there had to be a solution, but I just didn’t know what it was yet. In the meantime, I got a mat to line the bottom of the cabinet. I cut it long enough to cover the front edge of the cabinet, so the wood would be protected when we pulled out the trash.

Under sink cabinet organization with trash cans and shelf liner.

It helped, but I still ended up with some wear along the bottom edge of the cabinet frame.

Arrows pointing to scuff marks on the cabinet frame where the trash bin has been pulled out and put back too many times.

I had to do something before we ruined our brand new kitchen cabinets! So I did a little research and found there are all kinds of pull out systems, most available for much less than the rev-a-shelf systems. And they’re super easy to install too!

How hard is it to install a trash pull out under a sink?

Even if you don’t consider yourself an adept DIY-er, you can do this project, I promise. All you need is a pull-out trash insert correctly sized to your cabinet and a few basic tools. Here’s how I did mine.

Find the Right Pull-Out Insert

A successful installation project starts with getting your measurements right. I knew I would only have room for a single trash bin, so that immediately narrowed down the field of possibilities. I started by looking on Amazon and carefully reading the inside measurements listed on the product descriptions.

The product descriptions list the height, depth and width of the assembly, which are often different from the recommended clearances they list. This is where you’ll have to do a little translating if you have a bunch of plumbing in the way, as I did.

Under sink kitchen cabinet empty except for plumbing and garbage disposal.
That’s a lot of plumbing, especially with a centered garbage disposal!

For width, I measured from the inside of the left side of the cabinet frame to the left edge of the garbage disposal unit.

For height I was able to use the actual height of the cabinet opening. You’ll want to check and make sure your sink doesn’t come down too far from above.

For depth, I measured from the inside of the cabinet frame to the front of the plumbing along the back of the cabinet.

I could tell the particular system I was looking at would probably work, if I removed the front basket for the trash bags (a cool feature if you have room) and possibly got a smaller bin to insert in the system. I decided to order it and see if it actually fit.

If you’re cramped for space like me, I recommend getting your pull out from somewhere that will allow you to return it if it doesn’t work in real life.

Mark and Measure

When the system arrived, I opened it up and figured out how it would be attached (four screws on the bottom of the unit) and tried putting it in place to “dry fit” it and make sure it would work.

Unpacking my new trash pull out system.

It fit, just barely! I was mentally prepared to have to try several of these until I found the right one, but it turns out I do know how to measure after all. Spatial reasoning for the win!

Trash pull out system inside under sink cabinet.

Once I decided the system would work, all I had to do was mark the holes on the bottom for the screws.

Marking screw holes for trash pull out system.

Then I used an electric screwdriver to screw the assembly into the bottom of my cabinet.

Installing a trash pull out drawer by attaching screws into cabinet.

Because I already had the floor mat, I cut it into two pieces to fit it under the pullout and keep it under the other items on the right side of the cabinet.

Under sink cabinet organization with a slim trash pull out system in place.

Install Trash Can and Train Family (again) on How to Take Out the Trash

Before installing this trash pull out, I was always on my family’s case to pick up the trash can instead of sliding it out, so we wouldn’t scuff the cabinets. Once I got this system in, they were annoyed because they couldn’t just tip the bin out to drop something in.

With a little practice, they’ve learned how to pull the bar so the bin slides all the way out, which turns out to be better anyway.

Why not install a pullout for the recycling bin? We don’t use that one as often and it’s easy enough to drop things in the top of it without pulling it out. That way the rest of the cabinet space stays flexible if we change things in the future.

Bonus tip: I ended up sticking a little felt furniture pad to the front left corner of the pull out frame so it wouldn’t scrape the cabinet door if the door got closed while the trash was pulled out. I’m motivated to keep these cabinets in good condition for as long as possible!

I’ve been using this Beinline trash pull out for a few weeks now and I love it! If you have a small space like mine, I recommend checking it out to see if it will fit for you too. If it doesn’t just, keep looking and reading the product descriptions. I know there must be one that will work for you!


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