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Dusty Succulent Palette

How soft greens and pinks came together to make a modern color palette and a grown-up bathroom.

When my kids asked me to redesign their bathroom, I knew what I had to do – give them a grown up space that felt like a spa and a garden all in one. I dove in and spent the last month working on colors, linens, and decorations, all for a budget of $100.

(You can read more about the whole project in this $100 Room Challenge series.)

I knew that in order to stay in budget, I’d need to make the best possible use of paint and color in the space. Which meant the only place to start was with a color palette.

Dusty Succulent Palette

Dusty succulent palette with light green, sky blue, soft pink, and pale brown.

Since the girls love plants and succulents, I used this sweet little dusty succulent photo as a starting point, and everything else fell into place from there.

The girls love the new colors, and the touches of sophistication that I added to their bathroom. But I think most of all they love the little succulents.

There’s just something so hearty and happy about a succulent sprouting up out of gravel or sand. They don’t need much care, and they have an impressive will to survive on even the smallest amount of water. That’s my kind of plant!

The one thing they do need is sunshine, and that bathroom gets approximately zero natural light. So the plants in there are fake, but the feeling of hope and zen that comes from them isn’t!


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