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Easy DIY Fall Wreath

This DIY fall wreath is so easy, you don’t even need hot glue! Find out how to make your own, with simple craft supplies.

If you’ve been on Pinterest or DIY blogs lately, you’ve probably noticed that wreathes are HUGE right now. Ok, the wreaths themselves aren’t actually huge, just the design trend is.

I mean, wreaths haven’t been this big since the mid-80’s, and I know this because I remember learning how to make one in girl scouts around the 6th grade or so. Who would have thought that particular life skill would come in handy again later…much later…in life? I guess you just never know.

Easy Fall Wreath

Anyway, I do love wreaths, and I love projects that are easy, no sew, and super cheap. Bingo!

Looking back, I remember my girl scout wreath project involving a LOT of hot glue. I mean, there were glue strings everywhere. And mauve taffeta ribbons. Neither was attractive, and neither will be making a comeback here on this project.

This wreath project needs no glue whatsoever, indeed no fasteners of any kind. It’s super easy, and the only things you’ll need are the decorative items themselves. Mauve ribbon optional.

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Here’s how to make your own Easy DIY Fall Wreath.

Wreath SuppliesFirst, gather your wreath-making supplies:

  • Wreath form (you can get these at craft stores, if you don’t happen to have one like this beaut left over from the 80’s. It still had the original Michael’s price tag on it for $1.38. That tells you how old it is when the Goodwill price is almost as much as original retail!)
  • Wide ribbon such as burlap. 2.5-3 inches wide is ideal. For a standard 14″ wreath you’ll need at least 22 ft.
  • Fall leaves (we mostly have pine needles around here, so I’m using leaves from the Dollar Store.)
  • Embellishments (find things that can be tied on to keep the project truly glue free.)
  • Wreath hanger, or hook and ribbon (I love removable 3M Command hooks.)

How to put together the wreath:

  1. Make hot cider. (Projects are more fun with something festive to sip on!)
  2. Unwrap your ribbon and DO NOT CUT any of it yet. Hold the ribbon with one hand about 2 feet from the end.Two Foot Tail
  3. Starting at any point, wrap your ribbon around the wreath, keeping the 2 foot tail of the ribbon unwrapped.Wrapping
  4. As you are wrapping, tuck a leaf here and there into the edge of the ribbon. Make sure you wrap the ribbon tightly as you go.Tuck in Leaves
  5. When you reach the starting point, tie the ends of the ribbon together in single knot.Single Knot
  6. Thread the ribbon through any embellishments you’d like to add, and tie a bow. Or, for a more rustic look, just tie a chunky knot. At this point you can cut the ends to make your bow or knot look right. I like my wreaths to be slightly asymmetrical, but you can make the bow or knot end up wherever you’d like, just by turning the wreath a little.Tie on Embellishments
  7. Hang your new creation on your front door, or in a window to welcome guests.Finished Wreath

You could also switch out the leaves for some other decorative element, such as holly berry sprigs or spring flowers to keep up with different seasons.

Wreath Making Tips:

  • If you can find wire edged ribbon, it makes crafting so much easier. It holds its shape and you can mold it around the wreath so it stays put better.
  • Look for ribbon in the seasonal area of your craft store, in addition to the fabric and ribbon section. I found mine for 40% off!
  • A clear command hook hung upside down on the back of the door is a great trick for hanging things by a ribbon. You can remove it easily whenever you need to, or just leave it there and change out your decor seasonally.Command Hook

Stay tuned to see how I’m transforming my other Goodwill rescues!

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Home Jobs by MOM (@HomeJobsbyMOM)

Monday 10th of November 2014

Such a great wreath for this time of year! And easy to do :)

Sarah J

Wednesday 29th of October 2014

Thanks for linking up at Two Uses Tuesday! New sew is the way to go! Thanks for sharing such a cute and easy craft!


Wednesday 29th of October 2014

Thank you Sarah!


Monday 27th of October 2014

I love, love your wreath! So easy to make and the look is spectacular!


Wednesday 29th of October 2014

Thank you Maya!


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